Juice + Cacao Love // Retreat in Mexico!

cacao loveCacao Love Retreat //
March 19th-23rd
Nayarit, Mexico

Dear Moon Cleansing Family,

This Spring, I am honored to join revered ceremonial cacao pourers Paola and Gustavo in their homeland of Nayarit, Mexico for a heart opening retreat experience, sharing Cacao, yoga, mindful meditation, rainbow food and juice.

For five days and four nights, we will gather together alongside a mystical blue lagoon to embark on this journey of love and healing during the New Moon in Pisces, the Spring Equinox, and a Total Solar Eclipse (all occurring on March 20th)! Each of these cosmic events is notable and powerful individually, so the alignment of all three happening on the same day is absolutely extraordinary, and without a doubt an incredible opportunity to harness the power and plant the seeds for deep healing and transformation to take place. Guided by the wisdom of Cacao, the time for planting our Spring gardens couldn’t be better!

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3 Day Full Moon Cleanse // Home and the Heart

mom and juiceDear Moon Cleansing Family,

Today, the first Full Moon of 2015 rises, and she shines her bright light on our 3-day cleanse that begins in alignment with this cycle of the Moon. I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday season, and is looking forward to embracing the slower pace that January brings.

I am navigating this first cleanse of 2015 differently from the previous Cycle of the Moon Cleanses, on account of an unexpected journey up north to visit my mom in Oregon over the holidays. The journey and limited access to wifi left me no time to prepare for guiding this cleanse, creating recipes, and sending out reminder emails beforehand. My return journey is now underway but I am still very far from my desert home in Joshua Tree.

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Day of Pause // New Moon Winter Solstice Cleanse

Winter Soulstice JuiceDAY OF PAUSE CLEANSE
New Moon ~ Winter Solstice
December 21st

Happy Sun-Day!

Today, we join together to honor a cosmic alignment of the New Moon and Winter Solstice (on a Sun-Day of all days of the week!). Through the ritual of juice cleansing, we bring our bodies into stillness, aligning ourselves with the stillness of this sacred day. We hope you’ll be joining us on this Day of Pause Cleanse.

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, a day when the Sun shines his light for the fewest hours, and darkness dominates. It is a perfect time to dive deep within for reflection on the journey of the past year. It marks an important turning point, and that it coincides with the New Moon is hugely significant. This is a major opportunity to release old patterns for good, making the space for new beginnings possible.

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New Moon ~ Winter Solstice Cleanse // Day of Pause

Winter SistersCycle of the Moon Cleanse
New Moon ~ Winter Solstice
Sunday, December 21st

Dear Moon Cleansers,

On Sunday, December 21st, the New Moon aligns with Winter Solstice, a remarkable occurrence. To honor this powerful and sacred day of stillness, we are guiding a Day of Pause Cleanse, a single day of juice cleansing that will deepen our connection to the cosmic events in the sky, set intentions for this continuing journey of self-love, and shine the light within on the darkest day of the year.

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Fall Full Moon Cleanse // DAY 3 + The Pumpkin

Cycle of the Moon Cleanse
>>Fall Season<<
3-Day Full Moon Cleanse

Hello Moon Cleansers!

Congratulations!!! Today is our third and final day of the Fall Full Moon Cleanse! We hope you’ve had a wonderful cleansing experience, aided by the power of this powerful Full Moon. A three day cleanse is a short, manageable healing journey that most people can successfully complete, so if you’re still feeling the juice flow and not hearing the call from your body to stop, by all means continue juicing and enjoy the many benefits that come with extending your cleanse!

Applaud yourself for taking such beautiful initiative to walk this beautiful path of self-discovery. Juice cleansing is challenging, especially if this was your first time, and you’ve shown incredible strength by setting the intention and taking the steps towards self-healing. Taking time to cleanse is an amazing gift for your body, mind, and spirit. Now that the cleanse is over, continue to nourish yourself with acts of self-love everyday (and continue to make yourself beautiful juices everyday!).

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