cacao loveCacao Love Retreat //
March 19th-23rd, 2015
Nayarit, Mexico

This Spring, I am honored to join revered ceremonial cacao pourers Paola and Gustavo in their homeland of Nayarit, Mexico for a heart opening retreat experience, sharing Cacao, yoga, mindful meditation, rainbow food and juice.

For five days and four nights, we will gather together alongside a mystical blue lagoon to embark on this journey of love and healing during the New Moon in Pisces, the Spring Equinox, and a Total Solar Eclipse (all occurring on March 20th)! Each of these cosmic events is notable and powerful individually, so the alignment of all three happening on the same day is absolutely extraordinary, and without a doubt an incredible opportunity to harness the power and plant the seeds for deep healing and transformation to take place. Guided by the wisdom of Cacao, the time for planting our Spring gardens couldn’t be better!

Sacred Cacao, Juice Ceremony + Rainbow Foods //

I first met Paola during last year’s Spirit Weavers Gathering, and partook in her Cacao Ceremony- my first time experiencing ceremonial cacao. I’ve had a deep relationship working with cacao for a long time, but this was like nothing I’d experienced before. That ceremony was profoundly transformative, and I walked away from it with my heart wide open, the light of the sun in my eyes, and my spirit alive.

Cacao is a loving plant teacher, and I am excited for this opportunity to unite the heart-opening power of Cacao with the cleansing life-force of rainbow juices. I will be preparing loving, healing rainbow foods and juices throughout the retreat, and also offering Juice Ceremony on the New Moon.

Paola and Gustavo will share their devotion to Cacao, a super-food and sacred ancient Mayan spiritual medicine, and how it continuously strengthens bodies, minds, and spirits, reminding us to live in love and forgiveness:

“Cacao is a super-food from a wonderful tree that represents life itself. Its fruits, or maracas, contain seeds covered with sweetness. The ground beans, transformed into a frothy drink, invite us to remember the truth of our hearts. Its fascinating chemical and spiritual composition are beyond the understanding of the conceptual mind. The Sacred energy of the Cacao Goddess invites us to go deep within ourselves and awake, re-connect with the heart, the beauty, the gentleness, the glow, the compassion and love for ourselves.”

They will also be offering their Law of Time teachings, Yoga, and Mindful Meditation practices. This retreat is truly a unique offering from the heart, and I hope you’ll join us in Mexico if you hear the call of Cacao!

For more details and registration for the Cacao Love Retreat, please visit Paola and Gustavo’s KakawSana website. This is an intimate retreat, spaces are limited.