There are many ways to navigate a juice cleanse. Our secret for a successful cleanse? Simplicity.

At its core, a cleanse is about rest- inward and outward. Though it might seem counter-intuitive initially, taking a break from eating is a true gift to your body. The digestive system exerts an enormous amount of energy breaking down food, and giving it a rest for a short period of time results in restoration and rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit.

Decide how long you’d like to cleanse. Some things to consider are your experience, work schedule, and social commitments. Ideally, you do not want to cleanse during a high-stress period. If it’s your first time, you might want to start slow with a one day or three day cleanse. You can always extend it if you feel like it. A 10 day or 15 day cleanse is a great goal to set for people who have had cleansing experiences already.

The first few days are typically the hardest. Common detoxification symptoms during this first phase are fatigue, headaches, irritability, weakness, and even sickness as your body begins purging toxins. But soon after, your dedication and willpower will pay off, and you will experience mental clarity, an inner sense of vitality, positivity, and purpose.

It’s important to listen to your body. Beyond the first few potentially trying days of a cleanse, if you truly feel you need to eat, it’s time to end. If you planned for a 5 day cleanse but find you want to continue come day 6, keep going. Remember, this is a journey. There is no failing, there is only learning through experience. Continue your exploration of juice cleansing, and experiment with different ways to navigate it each time. Find the path that works for you. We don’t recommend juice cleansing longer than 15 days unless under a doctor’s guidance.


In the days leading up to a cleanse, prepare your body by beginning to eliminate animal products, processed foods, wheat, sugars, caffeine and alcohol. 2-3 days before the cleanse, consume only plant-based foods with an emphasis on raw foods, and eat strictly raw plant-based meals the day before.


Juicing 3-6 times a day*
Drinking lots of water
Drinking herbal teas
Enemas daily, and/or weekly colonics
Dry skin brushing daily
Yoga and meditation
Outdoor walks, exercise
Hot epsom salt baths
Naps and deep sleep at night

*Dependent on sizes of juice (drink until you are full)

A cleanse is about self-care, self-healing, and self-love. Make yourself the priority during this time. Sleep if you feel tired, take baths, meditate. Whether you choose to cleanse for 1 day or 15, put yourself first. Keep a journal to write about each day, how you feel mentally, physically, emotionally and any detox symptoms you notice. You should refrain from any strenuous activities, and drink plenty of water.


All people experienced in fasting will agree, the discipline required for breaking the cleanse is just as vital as the cleanse itself. If not done properly, all of the dedicated work you put into the cleanse can be undone, and might even make you sick. Your digestive system has been at rest during the cleanse, so be gentle when putting it back to work.

Break the cleanse with juicy fruit. Eat only raw, plant-based foods the first day, such as simple salads, smoothies, and soup broth. The second day plant-based cooked food can be incorporated, though raw food is still encouraged. Nuts and grains can be introduced on the third day. Avoid animal products for the first few days, and slowly reincorporate. The longer the cleanse, the longer it takes to incorporate normal foods back into your diet.