The Moon is a powerful force upon our planet. It affects the ocean’s tides, sap and juice levels in trees and plants, our behaviors and our bodies. The gravitational pull on the water in our bodies connects us to the Moon and its magic. Made up of over 60% water, our bodies can be dramatically affected by this beneficial pull.

By aligning a cleanse with the most potent phases of the Moon, we are able to take advantage of its force to help deepen the cleansing process and effects. Starting on either a New Moon or Full Moon will give any cleanse a powerful helping hand.


NEW MOON/ A time of new beginnings and manifesting positive changes, and for finding time for yourself and seclusion.

WAXING/// A time of increasing energy and gaining strength. Healing is promoted.

FULL MOON//// The most powerful phase. Building energy and vitality. A time of fulfillment and gratitude.

WANING// A time of decreasing, letting go. A time for new eating habits and breaking old routines. Completion.