Angela left the big city for the beauty of the Joshua Tree desert in 2011 on her own, without knowing a soul in her new small town. As her solitary journey in the desert continuously evolved, she saw the major components of life become connected: Spirit, Nature, Body, and Food. Through concentrated focus on each aspect, she learned how one supports the next, and that balance provides the foundation for a harmonious life. It is all sacred: meditation, the Moonrise, talking a walk, eating a meal.

Angela is an artist, photographer, raw foodist, and desert dweller. She routinely fasts throughout the year for up to 90 days at a time, and has learned everything she knows from first-hand knowledge, literature, and the experiences of people she guides on fasts. She is committed to fearless living, natural healing, and walking barefoot.

Raised on the standard American diet, Angela has undergone a long, patient journey with health and food beginning fifteen years ago with vegetarianism, leading to veganism, then raw foods, to present juice fasting advocate. With such a varied history and relationship with food, she admits to once being someone who never believed she had the willpower possible to fast. She firmly believes if she is capable of fasting, anyone is.



Amy aka Daughter of the Sun has created a lifestyle with her family that represents simplicity, earth consciousness, and pure, clean living. She is devoted to nurturing her body as a temple. She is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher and calls the island of Kauai her home when she is not traveling.

Nine years ago Amy cleansed for the first time. That 13-day cleanse changed her life. She was able to move and stretch in ways she never dreamed possible. She began to be conscientious of the food and nourishment she put in her body, eventually becoming a raw vegan. Since then, she’s never looked back. She makes time to cleanse at least four times a year.